An authentic Ace guitar strap from the 1960's

During the Rock-and-Roll glory days of the ’60’s and ’70s, a variety of guitar straps were worn by many iconic artists of the time including Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Eric Clapton and Elvis Presley. With the resurgence of interest in the guitar has come a boom in value for not only new and used instruments, but also vintage accessories like picks, pick guards and straps.

If you’ve been hanging on to your Bobby Lee and Ace straps, now may be the time to list them. According to IBIS World, a market research firm, antiquities and collectibles sales as…

What is AI?

AI is often widely understood as a system that comes to conclusions in a way that resembles a human’s approach. Still, AI is defined differently by different communities and its definition will continue to change with future advances in technology. For instance, some define AI loosely as a computerized system that exhibits behavior that is commonly thought of as requiring intelligence. Others define AI as a system capable of rationally solving complex problems or taking appropriate actions to achieve its goals in whatever real-world circumstances it encounters. …

The recruiting process may not be the only problem

Effective solutions need to address underlying environment, experience and expectations that all contribute to Candidit™ fit and employee retention and satisfaction. Oddly enough, most companies look only at their actual recruiting process, when they could or should be considering other factors to which their team or environment may contribute.


Your whole approach to recruiting is probably working against you. If you require an individual to present a resume, upload that resume into a parser, then require the individual to fix all the information that your parser failed to parse, then send an email acknowledging receipt, then send nothing for weeks…

Many Individuals have the ability to perform tasks in different ways and with different tools than what may be expected in a job description. In a data set … this makes them an outlier. Inclusion initiatives most often fail because existing processes do not account for outliers.

The result: missed hiring opportunities, poor applicant experiences and limited success in inclusion efforts is the norm

The solution: organizations need high tech, high touch partners that can augment their existing efforts in a brand safe way that delivers results.

We built Candidit as a high-tech, high-touch augmentation team for your inclusion recruiting…

We’re powering the future of work.

Finding a job and finding good, qualified candidates is a miserable, manual experience that hasn’t improved in generations. Candidit was founded to address the resulting inequities, bias and confusion that dominate today’s employment and education marketplace.

Our Mission

We are changing the way the world works by improving coordination and communication between candidates, colleges and companies to reduce bias, simplify career and candidate selection, and eliminate confusion and waste throughout the employment process.

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by the countless individuals who strive against all odds, who make willing sacrifices for the benefit of others, and who do not allow disability or inequity…

Welcome back! I don’t always follow through with my promises to publish more, but when I do, i hope it’s worth your time. This post continues my train of thought … lifting from my experience in corporate recruitment and military transition some of the most serious blockers to launching and sustaining a successful recruitment program. If you haven’t read #1–5, be sure to link back, though

FAIL #6: Failure to tap your internal word of mouth network

The military community is a small world. Yes, there are a lot of people in the military community spread all across the globe — both those in service and their families, and they are…

Top 10 Fails of Military Recruiting… or why military aren’t taking your job offers.

As many of you may know … or as many of you can creep via my profile, I’ve been interested and engaged in the world of military transition to civilian life for a number of years. I’ve seen it from a number of perspectives, experienced it myself and along the way I’ve collected a growing reserve of impressions, anecdotes, success stories and …. witnessed some real horror stories. Today, I thought I’d pull from the bag of those aforementioned horror stories a few of the gems that really stand out. Since I tend to write in a rather rambling and…

“At the heart of Cloud Jobs API, there are two main proprietary ontologies that encode knowledge about occupations and skills, as well as relational models between these ontologies… The occupational ontology, an enhanced evolution of O*NET Standard Occupational Classification…”

We’ve recently applied to take part in the beta release of the Google Cloud Jobs API and while we await response from google I read the line above with great interest and a little bit of trepidation. Why the hesitance you ask? Admittedly, I’m a fan of google cloud services and products — I’ve developed apps on top of firebase, Gunny…

Now that we’ve gotten our “sea legs” around the idea of blockchain in business applications, I am confronted with an even more daunting challenge than that of merely learning to utilize and develop with the technology. The consistent opening question to nearly every conversation: “So what is blockchain anyway?”

Give yourself a minute to answer for yourself and see how you do.

Some of you might reply … “it’s the technology that powers Bitcoin.” That will of course earn you a nod and possibly stop further questions because everyone is supposed to know what Bitcoin is by now. …

Binary Decisions

First and foremost, the goal of nearly every recruiting technology and recruiting process is to reduce every candidate to as binary a set of data points as possible:

  • Degree? Yes/No
  • 5 Years Experience? Yes/No
  • Previous Industry Experience? Yes/No
  • Experience with Xx software? Yes/No
  • Submitted resume? Yes/No

In a world where cloud computing and machine learning exist … but if you’re reading this you likely already get the point. People are complex. We are unique. There isn’t anyone like us. No two graduates of the same program are the same. No two army infantry (11B) veterans are the same. Accounting for…

D.M. Nichols

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